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New Updates


30min Lash Fill: $55

Recommended for those that need a small classic or flat touch up

1hr Lash Fill: $80

Recommended for those that have classic, flat, or want light hybrid or volume lashes

1.5hr Lash Fill: $105

Recommended for those that have hybrids, volumes, mega volume lashes or want/need extra lashing time

2hr Lash Fill: $130

Recommended for those that have hybrids, volumes, mega volume lashes and want/need extra lashing time

Classic Full Set: $175

Flat Classic Full Set: $185

Hybrid Full Set: $200

Volume Full Set: $225

Mega Volume Full Set: $275

Returning lash clients receive $25 off all full sets

Customized Facial: $110

Dermaplane Facial: $120 

Enzyme Added: +$15

 Chemical Peel Added: +$25

Light Chemical Peel (3-5 day downtime: $110

Deep Chemical Peel (14 day downtime): $195


There are many new updates and exciting things in the works at the London Lounge. We are revamping the business in many ways over the next few weeks to make things run more smoothly for us and make us more accessible to you, so please be on the lookout for more emails coming your way.


The London Lounge will have another esthetician on the books at the end of April. Her name is Sophia, and many of you have seen her around the salon and are already building great relationships with her. She has been training with me for almost a year, and now that she is a licensed esthetician, she is ready to get her books filled and meet so many of you. Please say hi to her if you see her around the salon during your appointment!


With Sophia now working, this means we will now be open 7 days a week and taking appointments starting at 10am. Having more options for appointments I know will better suit many of your needs.  Starting April 24th, we will also be moving down the hall from where we are currently to better accommodate our clients.  We will have a separate room for intimate and private services, and another room that makes it possible for us to work together and service more clients at the same time. The day of your appointment, you will be receiving a text to remind you of the room change as well as where to go.


Lastly, starting May 1st, our cancellation and “no call-no show” polices will be enforced. I have been very forgiving in the past by not charging the policy fees regarding appointments being cancelled last minute and/or forgotten.  With a new employee coming in, it is only fair to stick to our policies so that our time as well as yours is respected. Cancelling an appointment last minute makes it very difficult for us to fill that time slot.  Not showing up to your appointment wastes our products and our time. There are many clients who will gladly fill your appointment, so all we ask of you is to let us know in a timely manner if you are not able to make it. We thank you for your understanding.




50% of the total service cost will be collected if appointment is cancelled within 24 hours.

50% of the total service cost will be collected plus $25 if appointment is a no call-no show.


If there are an abundance of late cancellations as well as no shows on your account, a deposit will have to be made before you are able to book more appointments with us.


I am a business owner, but I’m also a consumer like you and I do understand that sometimes life happens. I will work with you the best that I can, but I also need to be fair to my business as well as the staff.


We again thank you so much for your continued loyalty and be on the lookout in the next few days for more updates!





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