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The London Lounge is a high end beauty boutique specializing in eyelash extensions, lash lifts, eyebrow & eyelash tinting, skincare and full body waxing and sugaring.



Bri Kraft

Bri Kraft - London Lounge Beauty Boutiqu

Hello, and welcome to The London Lounge!


Owner and founder, Bri Kraft, is a licensed esthetician in the states of California and Washington, and has numerous certifications under her belt.

From the age of two years old, Bri has always had an interest in the artist lifestyle. She was a competitive dancer all throughout her life, and at the age of 18 she moved to Los Angeles to continue her professional dance and modeling career.

After appearing in numerous commercials, movies, television shows, as well as print ads, Bri decided to break into the beauty industry. After getting her training from Paul Mitchell Academy and receiving her license, Bri decided to move back to Seattle with her family to start her new career.

Bri has lived in a place where looks were vital, she knows what it takes to run a high end salon. She understands the beauty industry like the back of her hand and will go above and beyond to achieve every one of her client’s goals.  

The London Lounge’s mission is to provide every single person with a service they can be confident in boasting about.  


Feeling beautiful on the outside, starts from within. The London Lounge is built to fulfill all expectations.

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